Do I need to bring in my empty cartridge?
In most cases the answer is no. There are certain types of cartridges with limited availablity so we may need your empty. You can always call before stopping by.


I need a new printer. What should I look for in order to save the most money?

Don’t look for the least expensive printer, focus on the cost of supplies. In some cases the cost of printer supplies can be higher than the original purchase price of the printer, depending on how much you print. We can assist you in the purchase of your new printer by providing information on supply costs.


Why are my prints light, spotty, or have horizontal lines?

Depending on the style of cartridge, performing the internal printhead cleaning function usually takes care of the problem. Printers with the printhead built into the cartridge need to be brought in for cleaning and evaluation.


Are refilled ink cartridges filled completely?

Yes, when we fill your cartridges, we always fill them to OEM specifications.

What happens if I get a bad cartridge?
We provide a 100% guarantee on all of our products. If you happen to get a bad cartridge will either replace the product or refund the full purchase price.


Inkjet Product Support
Advances in inkjet technology have made inkjet a popular choice among small business and home use. Specialized product support for this unique line of products is available to you and your customers at www.cartridge-support.com.